Our Certifications

Our Certifications

We take the hassle out of printing your labels by offering a comprehensive array of label solutions and investing in the best people and print technologies available.

At Rotolabel we pride ourselves on doing things right. In order to support this culture, we have the following certifications in place:

  • Colour Management 
  • Forest Stewardship
  • Quality Management 
  • Food Safety Management

Colour Management System

A common problem in the graphic arts industry is that the final printed result does not always match the intention. The fact is that devices – scanners, digital cameras, computer monitors, desktop printers and printing presses – reproduce colours differently. Without a common approach to the management of colour in the production process, misunderstanding, rejects, missed deadlines and huge costs are common occurrences.

Colour management provides a unified environment for handling colours where a common colour reference is used at each step of production, and aims to unify the image throughout the entire production process by using the profiles of the various devices to adjust their colours.

In order to address colour quality and consistency, Rotolabel launched its colour management project during August 2016, partnering with Mellow Colour, an international consulting company that provides colour quality management systems and technical training on colour quality management.

Rotolabel has been accredited with "Impression Proof Printer" status through the Mellow Colour Management system.

By achieving this certification we have improved our internal processes and undertaken a journey of continuous improvement.

View our current Mellow Colour certificate.